Complete Works

Profile Box (Lighting Board) with Digital Auto Pana flex Reverse Print with Outdoor Signage Project: (#Dhanmondi) for Working Making by #adkey

© Project for #WINGS_Learning_Centre_Limited
© a concern of #Sheba_Group

01) Definitions Making of Display Profile Box (Lighting Board) Structure Details (Size: 60′ x 5′)
a) Digital Auto Pana flex Reverse Print.
b) Aluminum Profile Box.
c) Wiring Cable BRB.
d) Best Quality LED Light.
e) Scotch Tape.
f) Galvanized Plain Japans’ Color Sheet GP.
g) Royal Bolt 10 No (China).
h) Blinds Rivets (Size 450) (China).
i) M/S ¾ x 24 Gauge GP Hollow Box Inside Frame (RRM).
j) 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 3mm Iron Angel Inside Frame (BSRM).
k) Welded System Fitting Structure.
l) Installation Iron Angel Inside frame and Both Side Color Berger Paints.
m) Goods carrying & transportation, fitting-fixing with necessary.